Surprise .. The camel’s eye is the secret to reducing aging and aging

Paying attention to a healthy and balanced diet is one of the good tricks that help reduce the chances of developing many diseases, and it also keeps the health of the mind and brain from exposure to aging, a healthy diet works to maintain the health of the skin and reduce exposure to the signs of aging.

According to the report published on the “Express” website, which stressed the importance and usefulness of Walnuts Or walnuts, as it is known in some Arab countries, which are a bridge and a key to maintaining health from any health complications.

The report indicated that walnuts or walnuts contain high antioxidants, as well as many important nutrients and benefits for the body, so eating them protects you from aging, protects you from high blood pressure, regulates triglycerides, and many other important benefits for the body and public health. ..

According to the study published in Nutrition, metabolism and cardiovascular diseasethe camel’s eye has many benefits to a person when you eat it, and this has been confirmed by a professor of epidemiology and community health at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and the principal investigator in the study of the development of risk of the camel. coronary artery, Dr. Lynn M. Stephen, according to a long-term study. An ongoing continuation supported by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health, aims to examine the development of heart disease risk factors over time, but the researchers note that people who eat walnuts regularly reduce the incidence of heart disease, weight gain and diabetes..

Stephen pointed out during the study that eating nuts early in life may be linked to good heart health, as well as maintaining bad cholesterol levels and reducing the incidence of blood clots, and is not necessary. eat nuts every day, a handful of it protects you from many diseases.

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