Surprise! The big favorite, Vasyl £ omaczenko has lost! There is a new lightweight king!

The Ukrainian gave the first round in his own style, which he had already done, to get to know his opponent and feel him. In the second one, he was also less active, he took only a few blows, but it was an accurate counter and he evened the score at 19:19. The third installment is still with a small number of hits and difficult to score. The fourth in favor of the Brooklyn bombardier, who pressed and instead of hunting up the mountain, hit the body with hooks several times. The next three minutes had a similar course. Of course, Lomachenko controlled everything, he didn’t get hit by anything serious, but he missed another point. Still, the corner was quiet.

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“I felt one blow. My skin cracked and I was foggy.” [Kulisy walki Damiana Janikowskiego]

Lopez’s point advantage at the halfway point. It was known that this was the second part fighting it was supposed to belong to a Ukrainian, so we waited for the second and then the third gear of the “Matrix”. The seventh round was already better by Wasyl, although still around a draw. Because even if he hit clean, his actions did not make much impression on a much larger and physically stronger opponent.

In the eighth match, Łomaczenko finally picked up the pace and started beating in series and immediately gained the upper hand. The only question is why only at this stage of the battle? Perhaps he felt on his throat and shoulders that Lopez was beating harder than he thought … The ninth edition was also for Łomaczenko. Lopez hit hard, but on the guard. Wasyl hit the bottom a few times, which “opened” the IBF champion to the top. The Ukrainian has already quite clearly won the tenth round. But even when he hit clean, his punches didn’t do much harm to Lopez. Or this one played so well.

The penultimate round is clearly again for the Ukrainian, but still without consequences. Lopez got off to a sharp start at the start of the twelfth match. Łomaczenko was also finishing, so a real ring war finally broke out. Łomaczenko was more precise in his exchanges, but when the gong ending the duel sounded, he probably wondered if the finish was too late. Both waited eagerly for the verdict.

The judges scored 116: 112, 119: 109 and 117: 111 – all in favor of Lopez! From now on, he is in charge of the lightweight.

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