Surprise! Rumen Petkov and Tatiana Doncheva may be with Ninova in the elections

Talks are underway for a general appearance on July 11, but there is no final decision yet

BSP postponed list leaders to May 25th

“Movement 21” of Tatiana Doncheva and ABV with leader Rumen Petkov may be the new coalition partners of the BSP in the upcoming vote on July 11, learned “24 hours”.

Social leader Cornelia Ninova has held talks with them, but there is no final decision yet. May 26 is the deadline by which parties and coalitions can apply to the CEC to run in the elections.


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“Positano” 20, after the BSP remained the third political force in the April 4 elections.

It is not yet clear in what format the interaction will be and whether the name of the BSP for Bulgaria will be preserved in the event of a coalition. Until now, it included the Communist Party of Bulgaria, Nova Zora, Ecoglasnost and Trakia.

“Movement 21” was among the three mandate holders of the coalition “Stand up! Get out! ” together with the Movement “Bulgaria of the Citizens” and the United People’s Party. Tatiana Doncheva entered the 45th National Assembly as the leader of the list in Varna and was even deputy speaker of parliament.

If she becomes a partner of the BSP now, it is possible that Doncheva will be the leader in Varna again, but this time from the red list. According to acquaintances in the next parliament it can

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of Parliament

Doncheva herself did not pick up her mobile phone yesterday. Some of her former partners tried to persuade her not to take a step towards the BSP.

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returns after

8 years of separation

with the centenarian, after being one of her iconic figures and her main figure in parliament for a long time. During Oresharski’s cabinet, however, he became one of its sharpest critics. Doncheva officially left the BSP in December 2013, mainly due to disagreement with the policy of the then leadership led by Sergei Stanishev. The civil association “Movement 21”, founded by her in 2010, grew into a party.

In the 2016 presidential election, Doncheva was a candidate in the coalition of Movement 21 and NMSS, and her vice was the former tsarist MP Mincho Spasov. In the 2017 parliamentary elections, her party participated in a coalition with another BSP breakaway, the ABV, formed by President (2002-2012) Georgi Parvanov.

Now Movement 21 and ABC can play together again in the elections. At the same time returning to the mother party.

ABV appeared on the ballot on April 4 on its own, after its leader Rumen Petkov sent a letter to Ninova, and she returned a telephone conversation, but no more serious joint action was taken.

Even if ABV enters a coalition with BSP now,

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commented acquaintances. He was not available for comment, but during the previous campaign he repeatedly stated that he was not a candidate for parliament because his deep conviction was that there should be a measure. “I have been a mayor, an MP, a minister and I think it is not decent to be a candidate for anything. Society, the expectations of the citizens are for a radical change,” he said at the time.

It is not clear whether one of the most significant and controversial faces of ABV from the previous campaign – Assoc. Prof. Atanas Mangarov, who led in Sofia and Varna, can find a place in the lists if a coalition is formed.

The final decision is expected to be made within days. Yesterday it became clear that the BSP is postponing the plenum for determining the leaders from May 22 to the 25th. The official explanation is that many of the municipal conferences on the arrangement of the lists are to be held over the weekend, and people will not be able to travel to the National Council meeting.

Castling is expected in the driving positions in at least 6-7 of the regions. Meanwhile, Ninova traveled around the country for meetings with structures that had problems arranging the ballots in April. Thus, it is implementing the plan adopted by the National Council last Saturday, in which it was written that the first places will be determined in dialogue with local organizations. One of her first meetings was in Pernik and she had a constructive and calm conversation. All united around the position that they are leaving united in the upcoming campaign for victory, the BSP press center announced.



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