Surprise in Nova: The new moderators of Televizní noviny will be the sportswoman Čermák and the star Breakfast Petruchová

Nova is preparing for big changes. New moderators will soon be welcomed into Televizní noviny to present the main broadcast. The sexy star Breakfast with Nova Veronika Petruchová and the proven sportsman Martin Čermák will sit in the chairs where everyone is shaking. Will the new pair succeed with the audience?

After leaving Iveta Vítová one couple was missing from the maternity ward in the evening Television newspaper, and it was still unknown who would sit in the empty seats. It is said to be clear now.

According to information from Expres directly from TV Nova, the proven sexy brunette Veronika Petruchová and the popular sports moderator are to become the new moderating stars. Martin Čermák.

Although the television has not yet officially confirmed this, according to our sources, it is a tutu and these two can no longer wait for the first time to appear in front of the cameras in prime time.

They are both promising moderators and have been working for Nova for years, so they are trained. Veronika even moderated the Afternoon News, so she already knows a little bit how it goes, and Martin knows it as a sports car, too.

Veronika Petruchová will be the new presenter of Televizní noviny.

The exact date when this nice couple will broadcast is not yet known, but viewers certainly have something to look forward to.



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