News 'Suriname oil discovery is estimated to account for 300...

‘Suriname oil discovery is estimated to account for 300 million barrels of oil’


Oil discovery Suriname is estimated to account for 300 million barrels of oil
The well off the coast of Suriname was drilled with the help of this drill ship: the Noble Sam Croft.

The recently discovered oil discovery in Suriname would account for no less than 300 million barrels of oil and nearly 1.5 trillion cubic feet of gas. That is what the Guyanese oil site Oil Now writes, following a report from the English energy consultancy firm Wood Mackenzie, who made this estimate. Based on a price per barrel of US $ 60 that could yield around US $ 18 billion.

According to Oil Now says Wood Mackenzie that Suriname, with the discovery of oil at the source Maka Central-1, is well on its way to following Guyana in a so-called oil tree. The agency also says that there is potential for further finds in the same block. Further drilling is now taking place in the search for more oil.

In the meantime, there has been a great deal of reaction to the find at political level. On Sunday, NDP parliamentarian and DNA vice-president Melvin Bouva said they were in favor of a multi-year plan that details the use of revenues from the petroleum sector.

If it is up to Bouva, not a drop of oil is removed from the soil until a multi-year plan is on the table.

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