“Sure they passed away”

The great niece of the murdered US President John F. Kennedy, Maeve Kennedy McKean, is missing, as is her son Gideon, after a canoe trip. Her family has now declared her dead.

Two members of the US politician dynasty Kennedy are believed to have died on a boat tour. This was shared by the husband of the missing Maeve Kennedy McKean, grand niece of the president who was murdered in 1963 John F. Kennedy, on Saturday with. The 40-year-old was with one on Thursday with her eight-year-old son Gideon canoe on the South River near Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

“The chance that they survived is incredibly small,” David McKean wrote on Facebook on Saturday. “It is clear that Maeve and Gideon have passed away.” His mother-in-law Kathleen Kennedy Townsend said that the initial rescue operation by the coast guard, police and fire brigade had meanwhile become one for the recovery of the bodies.

Kennedy III: “Our family has lost their brightest lights”

68-year-old Maryland Vice Governor thanked everyone for the support and prayers “as we mourn and try to cope with this devastating loss”. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is the daughter of US Attorney General Robert Kennedy, who was murdered in 1968. MP Joe Kennedy III said on Twitter on Saturday: “Our family has lost two of their brightest lights.”

Kennedy McKean and her son had set out to sea when a ball dropped into the water at Chesapeake Bay while playing. Then they would have lost control, reports, among other things, the “New York Times”. The coast guard had used a helicopter, a transport plane and several ships for the search on Friday.

The Kennedy clan has seen several tragic incidents over the years. Numerous members of the politician dynasty died prematurely. McKean’s grandfather Robert “Bobby” Kennedy (1925-1968) was assassinated during the 1968 presidential campaign in Los Angeles. Five years earlier, his older brother and then President John F. Kennedy was driving through Dallas in the state Texas was murdered. In July 1999, President John F. Kennedy Junior, his wife Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and their sister Lauren Bessette died in a plane crash off the east coast of the USA. One of Roberts’ sons, David, had died of an overdose of cocaine in 1984 at the age of 28. Another son, Michael, died in a skiing accident in 1997.

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Most recently, another Robert Kennedy granddaughter died prematurely in August. Saoirse Kennedy Hill died at the age of 22 from an overdose on the family estate in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.


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