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Apple has the best technological assistant that you need to revolutionize your day to day from the wrist. The Apple Watch SE con GPS will transform your daily experience when it comes to communicateplay sports or listen to your Body. It is located at a precio amazing in The English Court and take it home to you Jerez de la Frontera or any other part of Spain.

The cash register of aluminum It is made of quality aluminum 100% recycled aerospace and it is very light. A high-performance fluoroelastomer has been used for the sport band, making it as strong as it is soft. The final touch is provided by a practical clip closure. A technological revolution that reaches El Corte Inglés completely thanks to Apple.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE in El Corte Inglés

Powerful features to be close to your loved ones and lead a more active, healthy and safe life. Advanced sensors that record all your ways of moving and measure the intensity of yours between us. mobile connection so you can leave your phone at home without looking back. The Apple Watch SE It is the watch you expected, for less than you expected.

Your best training partner

With this last generation watch you can control your daily activity and accurately record all your between usboth inside and outside the agua. personalize your metrics for any activity, from high-intensity intervals or running to yoga y pilates. In addition, you can test the service Fitness+. A wonder at your fingertips so you don’t miss anything.

Apple Watch SE
Apple Watch SE

Your nerve center on the wrist

From your arm you can do absolutely everything. Receives calls y messages or listen to your favorite music, all at the click of a wrist. Do not hesitate and pay attention to everything you can control in the fastest and most efficient way.

control your health

In addition, it is a real health meter. You can control your heart health at all times through notifications, also security in case of emergencies or control your sleep through the Sleep app. A revolution at your fingertips. The retina display is 30% larger than that of the Series 3so you always have more information and apps in view.

main details

  • Device Type: Apple Watch
  • Processor: S5 SiP with 64 bit dual core processor
  • Memory capacity: 32 GB
  • Operating system: WatchOS 7
  • Compatible con: Mac OS, iOS
  • bluetooth: yes
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi
Apple Watch SE
Apple Watch SE

In Jerez de la Frontera

In addition, the possibility that Apple will deliver it to your home in record time exists. In this sense, it has never been so easy to get hold of a state-of-the-art device like this. Do not hesitate and provide your address in your purchase, that the signature sends it to you Jerez de la Frontera or any other city in Spain.

an incredible price

Apple triumphs with its assistant in the form of the most modern watch on the market, don’t hesitate any longer and get this next-generation device. The lowest price for which you can get this Apple Watch SE in El Corte Inglés is 299 euros. An incredible price if we compare it with each and every one of its features.

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