Surabaya District Court Explains Reasons for Allowing Interfaith Couples to Marry


The Surabaya District Court (PN) allowed interfaith marriage Muslim and Christian couple. The Surabaya District Court reasoned that the decision was issued with the consideration that religious differences do not constitute a prohibition against marriage.

Reported from detikJatim, Tuesday (21/6/2022), Deputy Public Relations of the Surabaya District Court, Gede Agung, said that marriages of different religions should be registered in the Dispendukcapil of the Surabaya City Government first. However, it must also be in accordance with the agreement of both parties of the applicant.

“Yes, it is recorded in the Disdukcapil. Yes, it is possible (interfaith marriage) depending on the agreement of the bride and groom,” said Gede when confirmed by detikJatim, Monday (20/6/2022).

Gede explained that this does not only apply to Islam and Christianity. Instead, all religions are legal in Indonesia. According to him, this could be the basis for an application for interfaith marriage determination.

“The marriage is legal. There is an agreement to be recorded at the Disdukcapil, including the blessing of parents or family. Basically, yes. Basically, an application can be submitted, including an application for the registration of marriages of other religions,” he said.

Decision to allow interfaith marriage This is stipulated in Stipulation Number 916/Pdt.P/2022/PN.Sby. It was stated that the applicants were the groom RA and the bride candidate for EDS. RA is Muslim, while EDS is Christian. The two married according to their respective religions in March 2022.

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