Supreme Court’s Verdict on Boxing ‘Governor Chatchat’ Knot at ‘Suan Chuvit’ Taught by Lawyers

‘Dr. Nut’, a public lawyer, teaches boxing to ‘Governor Chatchat’, the ceding of public land of ‘Chuwit’ to become public land. Even if you don’t register the gift and pay taxes every year.

March 28, 2023 – Dr. Nuttawut Wongniam or “Dr. Nat”, a public lawyer. mentioning Mr. Srisuwan Janya, secretary-general of the Association for the Defense of the Thai Constitution Submit a letter to Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok to investigate the case of Suan Chuwit that the dedication of the land to be used as the public domain of the country May act with explicit or implied intent That land would become the public domain of the country as soon as the intention of dedicating it according to P.P. 1304 does not need to be registered and the competent officials do not have to declare their intention to accept it. There is a line of judgments of the Supreme Court 264/2555,4377/2549 diagnosed as the norm According to the judgment of the Supreme Court No. 11089/2556, when the land becomes a public domain of the country. The giver will make a letter canceling the giving. therefore did not return that land to the benefactor again

that Mr. Chuvit with the intention of dedicating the land to the public domain of the country in the beer bar demolition case By Mr. Chuwit Build Chuvit Park for people to exercise. Resting to let the Supreme Court punish lightly Methods for dedicating land to become public land of the land type that people use together According to the Civil and Commercial Code, Section 1304(2), either verbally or in writing submitted to the court. Considered to dedicate the land to the public domain of the country completely. becomes the public domain of the land

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When dedicating land for public use Even the relevant government agencies have not yet utilized the benefits according to the wishes of the donors. or not useful The land is still in the public domain of the country. There is a line of judgments of the Supreme Court 2004/2544 5112/2538 3008/2535 ruling as a norm.

Dr. Nuttawut further said that in the case of Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok The interview considered only that BMA did not take part in improving public areas. It is still private land. And the land tax has been paid continuously according to the previous law. village language summary is that the land still belongs to Mr. Chuwit Asked if before giving an interview to the press, Mr. Chatchart consulted with a Bangkok lawyer or legal department?

“I will teach you boxing so that you will have the knowledge of the law to act as governor. Bangkok must adhere to the law. Emphasis on accuracy, not on pleasing. I don’t know Mr. Chuvit Jomchae or Mr. Srisuwan. but to give knowledge to the people will be a way out of the country Even if it’s about Mr. Chuwit’s private land. But Mr. Chuvit The land was dedicated to public land. to reduce criminal penalties in the Supreme Court regarded as a public matter I can give feedback honestly. Allowing Mr. Chatchart to read the verdict of the Supreme Court, clearly deciding to be aware of the protection of public interest.

Even Mr. Chuwit There will be a lawyer by your side. Must adhere to the principle of law as the establishment of the rule of law. By allowing the general public who does not have a legal relationship with Mr. Chuwit in any way freely. Although not registered as public land of the country. Such plots of land have become public land for public use according to Section 1403 (2)”.

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When asked if the condition of consecration that does not belong to the land What are the criteria? This lawyer said that a decision had been made as a precedent. Giving the land to the government on the condition that the construction of the building must begin within the specified time. If government agencies do not comply with the conditions Land does not belong to the public domain. According to the judgment of the Supreme Court No. 1434/2563

But in the case of Mr. Chuvit must go and check the dedication whether there are conditions or not and how But if the land is dedicated to the public domain, there is no such condition. Such land shall become the public domain of the State as soon as the dedication is made. Although Mr. Chuwit just realized after being released from prison Although the BMA did not come to take advantage of such plots of land. Mr. Chuwit built the park himself. and take possession of and use for how long Including paying land tax to the state not make the ownership of Mr. Chuvit any more Even though there is no change in the registration process, because Section 1306 prohibits raising the prescription against the state in regard to public property of the state. comparable with the Supreme Court judgment 2004/2544 for the public to compare like dedicating land to public roads or dedicate land to public use for people to use together Or dedicate to temples, schools, public places Brothers and sisters will see a clearer picture.

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Dr. Nuttawut also said that the way to request Bangkok Audit of Mr. Srisuwan It’s not helpful and can’t deter construction. Because Mr. Chuwit Dedicate land to the public domain in the Supreme Court in criminal cases. The court could not compel Mr. Chuwit. Those who donate can be registered as transferable. There is a verdict of the Supreme Court 5727/2537 1272/2539 if Mr. Srisuwan really does for society. In order not to let other people see that he is a singer, sometimes hungry for light, to find fault with Mr. Chatchart, the governor of Bangkok, suggesting that he should file a civil lawsuit requesting that such plots of land fall into the public domain and an emergency inquiry asking for temporary protection Do not proceed with the construction of buildings in disputed land areas and ask the court to summon them. BMA entered as a third person or co-plaintiff or co-defendant as a petitioner under Section 57 of the Civil Procedure Code.

However, he was not sure that Mr. Srisuwan asked to be examined on behalf of the organization, the Association for the Defense of the Thai Constitution, what power and scope the association had. And according to the objectives that have been registered or not, how? Because Mr. Chuvit’s land Is it the public domain of the land? a civil matter It is not about the exercise of constitutional power or the exercise of administrative power. Not related to the protection of the Thai constitution.

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