Supporting Steps to Improve Children’s Nutrition, Friesland Conducts Integrated Research


JAKARTA – National health studies in the country, released every 5-6 years by the Ministry of Health known as Basic Health Research ( Riskesdas ).

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Riskesdas is a community-based health research on a national scale to the district/city level which is conducted every 5-6 years by the Health Research and Development Agency (Badan Litbangkes). Ministry of Health with the sample frame conducted by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS).

5-6 years is considered an appropriate interval to assess the development of public health status, risk factors, and the development of health development efforts.

To support nutrition improvement measures and complete Riskesdas data, Friesland Campina, the parent company of milk-based nutritional products PT Frisian Flag Indonesia, in collaboration with research institutions and universities in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam also conducted an integrated research South-East Asia Nutrition Survey. (SEANUTS).

This study aims to determine the nutritional status of children by assessing food intake, anthropometry, physical activity, and biochemical parameters.

This study was conducted to describe the nutritional status of children in Indonesia and provide information on children’s food intake, including consumption of animal protein that contributes to child development.

One of the new things in the SEANUTS study is the involvement of sports to measure children’s physical activity.

Sports Medicine Specialist, dr. Listya Tresnanti Mirtha, Sp.KO said that nutritional problems cannot be separated from physical activity, both must be balanced. “To be able to perform physical activity optimally requires good nutrition,” said dr. Listya in his official statement, recently.



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