Supporting Parties for Anies Baswedan’s Presidential Candidacy Respond to Statement on Eroding Votes

Supporting Parties for Anies Baswedan’s Presidential Candidacy Respond to Statement on Eroding Votes

Trio of supporting parties for presidential candidates (Bacapres) Anies Baswedan, which forms Coalition for Change for Unity (KPP), has responded to the statement made by PDI Perjuangan (PDIP) politician Adian Napitupulu. Adian had claimed that there would be presidential candidates whose votes would be eroded. Here’s the response from each party supporting Anies at the KPP.

NasDem, one of the supporting parties, chose not to pay too much attention to Adian’s statement. NasDem considers winning and losing to be common in political battles. “Winning and losing in battle is normal,” said Bendum Party NasDem Ahmad Sahroni to journalists on Sunday (25/6/2023). Sahroni emphasized that the most important thing is unity in society when facing elections. He doesn’t want society to be divided. “The most important thing in the 2024 battle is that there are no divisions in the community,” he added.

Sahroni also mentioned that the victory of the President in 2024 belongs to all parties. He asked for the process of the election stages to be maintained. “Winning for a champion is for the victory of the Indonesian people. Their life will be even greater and better. Let’s make sure that the 2024 presidential election is the more the merrier and happier,” he said. Sahroni further mentioned that no presidential candidate has officially registered with the KPU (General Election Commission) until now. However, he is sure that the names circulating are not far from the three figures, namely Prabowo Subianto, Ganjar Pranowo, and Anies Baswedan. “The losers will definitely not have enough votes, but we don’t know for sure who the presidential candidates will officially register with the KPU later. Now there has been a declaration that there is Pak Ganjar, there is Pak Prabowo, and there is Pak Anies,” he added.

The Democratic Party, another supporting party, also responded to Adian’s statement. Democratic Party Deputy Secretary General Renanda Bachtar believes that Anies Baswedan can compete with other potential presidential candidates, such as Ganjar Pranowo and Prabowo Subianto. “I believe Anies will be able to compete competitively with Ganjar and Prabowo because his supporters come from groups of people who want change, and this is real,” Renanda confirmed on Sunday (25/6/2023). Renanda said it was okay for Adian to convey that assessment. However, he believes Anies has his own voter market. “In fact, I suspect that the longer this group or ‘political market’ will get bigger before February 14 when the presidential election takes place,” Renanda said. “That’s right. There is a political ‘captive market’ that wants to continue to support Anies. What are their aspirations? Change. And they believe figures like Anies and AHY can make that happen,” he continued.

The response from the supporting parties shows their confidence in Anies Baswedan’s ability to compete in the upcoming presidential election. With unity and support from various groups, Anies aims to bring about change and improve the lives of the Indonesian people.

What measures are the supporting parties taking to address concerns and gain trust and support for Anies Baswedan in the upcoming presidential election

Re there are no divisions and maintain the process of the election stages,” he said.

Another party supporting Anies, PAN, also responded to Adian’s statement. PAN politician, Saleh Daulay, emphasized that the party is focused on strengthening the coalition and ensuring the victory of Anies in the 2024 presidential election. He stated that discussions and negotiations among coalition members are always ongoing to maintain unity and harmony within the coalition.

Daulay also stated that any erosion of votes is a normal occurrence in politics, but it should not discourage the coalition. “It is natural for votes to shift, but the most important thing is to focus on our goal, which is to win the election,” he said. He also mentioned that the coalition is working hard to address people’s concerns and gain their trust and support for Anies.

The third supporting party, PKS, shared similar sentiments. PKS politician, Mardani Ali Sera, stated that they are committed to maintaining unity and ensuring the success of the coalition in the upcoming election. He mentioned that coalition members are always communicating and working together to overcome any challenges they may face.

Sera also stated that the coalition is confident in Anies’ leadership and his ability to bring positive change to the country. He urged all coalition members to remain focused and not be swayed by any negative remarks or attempts to divide them. “Our priority is to work together and bring the best for Indonesia,” he said.

In conclusion, the supporting parties for Anies Baswedan at the KPP have responded to the statement made by Adian Napitupulu. They emphasize the importance of unity, maintaining the election process, and focusing on their goal of winning the presidential election. They believe in Anies’ leadership and are committed to working together to bring positive change to Indonesia.

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  1. It’s great to see support for Anies Baswedan’s presidential candidacy. While the statement on eroding votes raises concerns, it’s crucial to focus on the positive impact he could bring to Indonesia. Let’s rally behind him and work towards a stronger future for our nation.

  2. Anies Baswedan’s presidential candidacy may face some challenges due to the statement on eroding votes. However, it’s crucial for supporting parties to address and overcome these concerns to ensure a strong foundation for his campaign.

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