Supported by Roger Federer, Iga Swiatek parts ways with ASICS and moves to On Running.

Iga Swiatek has just announced that she is the first tennis player to become the global ambassador for Swiss shoe brand On Running. Swiss tennis icon Federer joined On Running as a co-entrepreneur a few years ago.

Today, Swiatek, world number one, joins the shoe company associated with the great Federer. “I am thrilled to announce that I am the first female tennis athlete at On. I am happy that the On team believes in me as an athlete and as a person.

We intend to grow, develop and make an impact together. Many thanks to my team for this incredible commercial achievement,” Swiatek announced.

Swiatek expands its brand and joins Federer’s On Running.

Recently Swiatek started working with IMG and she is now represented by Max Eisenbud, the agent who worked with Maria Sharapova.

Last week in Indian Wells, Swiatek reversed her decision to start working with IMG in an attempt to grow her business. “I have a pretty big team in Poland.

IMG joined this team last year, so, you know, I reached out to them to ask about it. They’re obviously talking all the time and doing this for me, which is fine, because I wouldn’t…

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they talk about money. But I feel like there are a lot of other things, because yes, I want to develop my work in Poland and also do cool things.” “Obviously I’m still thinking about that. what I want to do internationally.

I want to combine all of that, and I feel like we’ve created a really good team. I didn’t know a few years ago if it would be possible for me to have the two teams working together, because, you know, it’s difficult in terms of communication and everything, but they did a great effort, both IMG and my team in Poland. So I’m pretty happy with the results,” Swiatek said.

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