Supported by Princess Delphine: Flemish woman demands DNA test from King Juan Carlos | Entertainment

entertainment“>The 54-year-old Sartiau Has fought for recognition for years, but in 2015, the Supreme Court in Madrid rejected its demand for a paternity test. There was insufficient evidence, it was held at the time.

entertainment“>Strengthened by the success of her compatriot Delphine, who has been able to call herself Princess of Belgium since the beginning of this month after years of struggle with King Albert, Sartiau now wants to make a new attempt. De Gentse says he is in possession of a letter proving this Juan Carlos her father is.

entertainment“>Sartiou’s mother is said to have had an affair with Juan Carlos in Marbello, Spain in 1965. He was still a prince then. Previously, Sartiau stated that she doesn’t need money or title, she just wants clarity.

entertainment“>The retired Juan Carlos has been abroad since the beginning of August to keep his son king Felipe to give some relief because Juan Carlos was in the news almost daily for alleged bribery and corruption. Investigations are underway in Switzerland and at the Spanish Supreme Court into the money flows surrounding the king emeritus, but he has not been charged and is not regarded as a suspect.

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