Superb gesture by Adela Pârvu from Turnkey Dreams for parents of children with cancer

Journalist Melania Medeleanu and former Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu managed to demonstrate something that very few still thought possible. The fundraising campaign initiated by the two, for the construction of a center dedicated to parents whose children are being treated at the Bucharest Oncology Institute, helped Romanians to be aware of the difficult situation these parents are in and convinced them to offer their help. .

“I think we are a country of good people, and here it is. In the last two weeks I have heard 8844 more often than Iohannis or other names, which is why we could say that this number saves Romania. I would elect him president. It seems that he gathers people and urges them to get better and better quickly “, said the actor Marius Manole, on Wednesday, at the presentation of the campaign balance, according to

Marius Manole was one of the 636 people who sat, for 23 days and nights, without interruption, in the makeshift hospital room at Galateca Gallery in Bucharest, along with television people, singers, athletes, journalists, chefs , engineers, priests, parents who lost their children, doctors, nurses, Romanian and foreign businessmen.

The campaign started on November 3 and ended on November 26. To the 115,000 SMS sent in the last 23 days are added other amounts amounting to 108,691 euros, individual donations from 4,403 people (bank transfer, Pay Pal, Bursa Binelui), an amount worth 100,000 euros, collected by the community At the first baby, and 100,000 euros donated by Kaufland, before the start of the campaign.

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With the help of donations, the construction of a new, larger MagicHOME center will be completed, which will provide free accommodation for parents of children with cancer. The new center will have an area of ​​700 square meters and will be able to accommodate between 25 and 30 people every day, offering almost 10,000 meals a year. Finally, the biggest benefit is the access of children with cancer to treatment.

The building in which it will operate was purchased from the general funds of the MagiCAMP Association, the cost being approximately 220,000 EUR. The architectural plans were made and the files for obtaining the building permits were submitted, and as soon as the approvals are obtained, the renovation and completion works of the house will be started. Most likely, everything will be ready by next spring.

The one who designed the interior of the center was the designer Adela Pârvu, known to the general public from the show Turnkey Dreams on PRO TV. Adela Pârvu realized the pro bono project, together with Andreea Beșliu, architect. The exterior was designed by Alina and Cosmin Dragomir.

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