Super Nintendo World will open its doors at Universal Studios Hollywood next year

Nintendo and Universal Studios have confirmed that the theme park Super Nintendo World will be ready in 2023 as part of Universal Studios Hollywood. This zone dedicated to the Nintendo universe opened its doors in Osaka, Japan, last year after a slight delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and allows fans of the company to participate in attractions inspired by the most popular games or buy merchandise. exclusive.

The Hollywood version was always planned to be the first in the West, but not the only one: it will also come to Universal’s Epic Universe in Florida. The one in Hollywood has started selling Nintendo-related products before its opening, although it is unknown what attractions will be available.

The Web Inside the Magic reports that the space is smaller than Japan, so some areas are likely to be cropped. In particular, it is suspected that Yoshi’s Adventure, a roller coaster that takes place inside a building and outside, in the upper part of the park, would disappear in Hollywood. On the other hand, in Japan there are plans to expand the shows with an area dedicated to Donkey Kongand there is room for at least another world as it could be The Legend of Zelda.

“A life-size living video game”

A year ago we were able speak with those responsible for Universal Creative, who highlighted the fusion between classic attractions and augmented reality to increase the feeling of being inside a video game: “Augmented reality will be part of amusement parks in the future”, thanks to the fact that, on the one hand, it offers incentives to visit the park frequently and, on the other hand, it makes it easier to expand and improve it in different ways to what it usually means to expand a park. Getting more points will in turn allow you to unlock previously hidden things, and therefore, add a few more points.


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