“Super Mario 3D World + Fury World” releases new game modes and new elements. Detailed introduction “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury”

  Nintendo Switch《Super Mario 3D World + Fury World“Will be released on February 12 (Fri). Nintendo announced the introduction video a few days ago, and further released a detailed introduction of new elements, introducing the new game mode “Furious World” and various new elements.

New play mode “Furious World”

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First, introduce another Mario adventure, the new play mode “Furious World“. You can select “Super Mario 3D World“And “Furious World“, enjoy your favorite play mode anytime, anywhere.

Stage of adventure

“Furious World” is different from the clearance type “Super Mario 3D World“, is based on the sandbox island “the country of cats” emerging from the vast lake. Mario embarks on an adventure in order to collect the “power of the cat sun” scattered around the country of cats.

Partner is the role of the enemy! ?

Mario will be with Jr. Kuba, who is supposed to be the enemy this time. Cooper Jr. will assist, take props, and “rescue” in time by Mario’s side. If you share Joy-Con play, you can operate two people separately for cooperative play.

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Ride Preis

In the country of cats, you can explore freely while operating the game perspective. And the reliable helper to explore this lake is Pres. When riding on the back, whether it is on the water or on the beach, it is unobstructed.

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Furious Kuba appears

After a period of time, the peaceful world suddenly changed. In the midst of violent storms, “Furious Kuba” appeared. Flames were ejected from the mouth, and the flying thorns changed the terrain, and the super powerful attack put Mario in danger.

In a short time, the furious Kuba gesture will disappear, and there will be a short calm time before it reappears. A brief calm state and aggressive fury Kuba will alternate continuously.

Giant Kuba vs. Giant Cat Mario

The only thing that can fight Furious Kuba is the legendary item “Giant Bell”. Collect the power of the cat’s sun to lift the seal of the giant bell, and Mario will become a giant “Mario the giant cat”! The giant one-on-one battle between Furious Kuba and the giant cat Mario is about to begin.

Added “Snapshot Mode”

When playing solo, you can use the “snapshot mode” to stop the screen at any time and take photos freely. You can shoot Mario and others from multiple angles. If you zoom in or add filters, you can take photos with a little different style. At the same time, you can affix the stamp obtained in the “3D World“, and try to take a unique original photo.

※ Both “3D World” and “Furious World” are applicable.

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Corresponding to amiibo

Use the amiibo of “Mario the Cat” to transform into an invincible “Mario the White Cat”. Use the amiibo of “Princess Cat Brigitte” to trigger the random appearance of boosters. You can try it when there is no props.

※ Both “3D World” and “Furious World” are applicable.

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The amiibo and game software of “Mario the Cat” and “Princess Brigitte the Cat” will also be released on February 12, 2021 (Friday), and reservations are now being accepted.

※ Reservations and product inventory status vary depending on the actual situation of the store, please check with the store staff for details.

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In addition, this game software supports all amiibo. For details, please visit Nintendo’s official website.

A “3D world” where you can play together even in the distance

In multiplayer play, in addition to the shared play corresponding to the communication of the neighboring host, it also supports online play with friends. You can take an adventure with your family and friends far away.

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※”Frenzy World” does not correspond to nearby host communication and online play.

※ When communicating with nearby hosts and playing online, a maximum of 2 people can participate in the game for each Nintendo Switch.

※ When playing online, you need to join “Nintendo Switch Online” (paid). (The starting date of the Taiwan region is to be determined)

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