Sunset Park, the first stop of the vaccination bus that will be touring New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

“univisón 41 news”.adriana: mariela, manyThank you. in other news,this summer people canhave fun and fully enjoyfrom New York. all the beachesof the city opened for himweekend of remembrance andthe pools on the 26th part of the efforts ofvaccination to follow theback to normal todaymobile vaccination coachmade his first stop at theneighborhood in brooklyn.he said that from earlyadvantage of this initiative.two buses that serve asto the place. The idea isbring vaccines to communitiesyou are beaten by thecoronavirus. >> already whenends they need to go to the busto see if they have …even though anyresident can access, thiswill prioritize people or whowork in the industry offoods like carlos thatreceived your fact, in my case II was thinking of doing it nowon the bus thejohnson shot to johnson andthey propose up to 200 doses.many of the people I knowapproached today they metHow could they program it here?same.they only ask …but despite theNew York efforts that wasrated as one of theinfected with wing infectionsand while the mayor asks for moresupplies to the federal body,they are demanding the newsfrom all over the world queseba kume andthere is no vaccine.How long are we going to wait?the pus is between 53 and54 until Friday at 3:00in the afternoon and laterAsia will move and one has can write to the pageemail or call1833…the mayor announced today theopening a program for himcare of people who followdealing with the consequencesphysical and mentalcoronavirus. liliana bernal,“univisón 41 news”.

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