Sunday Live, Samantha De Grenet’s 50th birthday: illness and love for her husband

Beautiful and spirited, Samantha De Grenet has just turned 50. And to celebrate this important event, she decided to talk about herself in the living room of Barbara D’Urso a Domenica Live, retracing the most exciting moments of his life, but also the most difficult ones, sending an important message to viewers.

De Grenet, who has recently recovered from Coronavirus, she opened her heart to her friend Barbara D’Urso, revealing even the most hidden aspects of his personality and his daily life. A career, hers, which began at a very young age and which has never stopped.

His love life is also at the center of attention. In the past, De Grenet also had affairs with Filippo Inzaghi and Leonardo Pieraccioni. True love, however, it comes for her when she knows the current husband Luca Barbato, father of his son Brando. The two, in reality, they got married twice, the second after about five years of separation.

We fell in love again, we rediscovered each other, we had a son who was still great, so he could live with us the crowning of a great love.

But it wasn’t always all plain sailing. Samantha, in fact, had to face some very difficult moments. In 2018 she was diagnosed breast cancer and had to undergo to a delicate operation.

It was the summer of 2018, for the first time I had organized everything to take a holiday with my son and a friend of mine. Before leaving I felt like a hard core, as if it were a pebble. […] I go to the check without any worries, without thinking that I could have had a negative answer. I do this mammogram, then I went to my breast specialist and without going around it too much she said: “Samantha you have a tumor, you have to operate immediately”.

A diagnosis that scared her a lot, especially in relation to how the illness could have changed his son’s life. Very bad and very strong sensations for the showgirl, who however, thanks also to the support of her husband, managed to face the operation and subsequent therapies.

De Grenet, with courage, managed to tell everything with a smile. Together with Barbara D’Urso, then, he wanted to emphasize the importance of prevention inviting women to take care of themselves and undergo periodic checks.

A great strength, in short, that demonstrated by Samantha, who after talking about her illness, enjoyed the surprises organized by the presenter of Domenica Live: an exciting message from his parents and a big cake brought to the studio by his son Brando. Thus, he could blow out the candles and celebrate its 50th birthday in the best way.


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