Sunday January 10, World Tintin Day

Do not look, this world day does not yet exist in all calendars …

We decided, yielding to the (friendly) pressure of a few tintinophiles, to add it to the calendar of world days in 2019. Indeed, this year marked the 90th anniversary of the first adventure of Tintin *, journalist for the Brussels newspaper “The little Twentieth”. The little story will tell if the day continues to be celebrated in the following years …

Global fame

Who can boast of never having heard of our hero? In truth very few people and it would be necessary to live on the moon not to be in the know… and again **, it is not even certain!

A site (Celebrity Birthday) ranks celebrities by popularity. Tintin brilliantly ranks in fourth position, all categories combined and of course first in fictional characters!

From 1929 to 1976, twenty-three complete Tintin albums were published. And we can add to this list an unfinished album (Tintin and the Alph’Art) published in 1986, three years after the death of the creator and only designer of the series, Georges Rémi dit Hergé.

Unlike many other heroes, Tintin was not taken over by any other designer, thus conforming to Hergé’s testamentary wishes.

* Tintin in the land of the Soviets
** see the album published in 1953, “On a marche sur la Lune”

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