Sunday horoscope: October 18 – – Horoscopes – Free time

AUNS It is better to avoid discussing serious issues with the other party, try to maintain a lighter, more carefree mood in the relationship. Maybe it’s worth going to a fun event together for both?

BEEF You will most likely feel internal contradictions. Don’t be surprised if you experience a drastic change in your desires, mood. You should definitely not go shopping, especially refrain from big purchases!

TWINS You will not spend a day in a cozy mood. You will have a computer connected to the Internet, as it will be a source of both entertainment and practical information. A Gemini will make serious plans for himself.

CANCER The success you make will not be much different from what you planned. You will probably notice that your intuition works just like a Swiss watch. You will be able to give valuable psychological advice to relatives.

LION It may turn out that today you will be very irritable, provocative to disputes. It is better to keep sharp expressions, passions with you, because they will definitely stop in the evening. Be careful behind the wheel.

JAUNAVA If you indulge in the rearing of offspring, remember – this time you will not go far with rigor! It will be much more fruitful to treat like a peer. You will show a warm, spiritual and romantic position towards your loved one.

IMPORTANT You may have to dedicate the first half of the day to professional matters. Representatives of the business world will feel this especially vividly. The afternoon will come with a desire to relax, enjoy life.

SCORPIONS Surprise others with a thoughtful and philosophical attitude towards life. The expressed opinion can create a noticeable resonance, make you more recognizable in society. It will be vividly felt by those involved in stage life.

CARTONER If you have to make serious decisions, be sure to listen to the thoughts of those around you and not think that you know better than others what and how to do it! The day is perfect for physical work.

FOREST I am fascinated by both technical things and things related to politics and economics. There may be a desire to set up an appropriate group of like-minded people to have a passionate debate on these topics. Don’t forget about the other half!

AQUARIUS If you feel a bad mood and whims approaching you, try not to let them sneak into communication with your loved ones. Spend time in your room, looking for a way to regain emotional balance, joy of life.

FISH A suitable moment for creative ideas, heartfelt conversations with the other half. It is not excluded, you will notice in yourself growing passions, erotic fantasies. Also try to tune your loved one to a similar note.

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