Sunday .. Health announces how to register for the Corona vaccine

The Ministry of Health announced the full details of the start of registering citizens to obtain the Coronavirus vaccine, which is scheduled to begin next Sunday, after confirming that the Egyptian state has contracted 100 million doses of the Corona virus vaccine, whose first defenses arrive next week and are estimated at 8.6 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine.

Engineer Ayesem Salah, Adviser to the Minister of Health for information, added that the Corona vaccine registration site is not only a site, but an integrated system.

Salah confirmed, in statements to “Echo of the Country” that the registration of citizens or a member of the medical team working with care who is exposed to infection with the Coronavirus, is on the site through 3 methods, as follows:

1 – Log on to the site and register directly, through the following link: –

2 – Call the call center team on 15335, who are the ones who register.

3 – Going to the places designated for registration, and they are the ones who register.

The information advisor to the Minister of Health stated that after registration, the system will certainly review the data successfully, and when the request is approved, text messages will be sent bearing the date and place to receive the vaccine.

Salah added that after going to the agreed location, he meets a data entry to verify it, and reviews the required papers to prove that he is infected with the Coronavirus, or that he is a member of one of the health care teams for the Coronavirus to ensure their eligibility for the vaccine in the first categories.

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He pointed out that, the documents are uploaded to the system, then the informed consent is given, and he heads to the counseling room inside which a doctor explains everything to him about the vaccine, and he signs an acknowledgment of taking the Corona vaccine, and it is raised on the system, and it is indicated that the patient took the first dose He will be given a card indicating the date, time and place for the second dose.

Salah explained that the card includes data if symptoms occur, and the places to go to, to receive the clinic that continues receiving the vaccine.

He added that all vaccines are recorded in their numbers that we received, and through them the position of the vaccines is known from screens linked to the system, and they are distributed to the vaccine distribution centers.

The advisor to the Minister of Health for the information confirmed that with every disbursement of an infected person, the balance decreases, and the General Bureau of the Ministry of Health has a data screen that shows all places and doses balances in every place that provides the vaccine, for the purposes of governance and rational management of the situation in order to prevent wasting or misuse of vaccines. To administer the vaccine completely.

This is in addition to recording the medical file data to the patient in the case follow-up clinics, if any symptoms or the like appear, to be a complete picture and real data through which we can do more research on the vaccine.

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He stated that the vaccine is distributed according to the priority of the case within the first groups, and it changes according to the available factors that control approval, and accordingly the timing of the vaccine is determined.

The Ministry of Health published some explanatory controls for citizens that will be taken upon registration, exchange controls also and its prices, in addition to taking into account the clause of those unable to pay its fees estimated by the government at 200 pounds..

According to the Ministry of Health, citizens should know the following points to register their data to receive the vaccine:

Registration is open to receive the vaccine next Sunday and vaccinate the first week of March

The vaccine will be available for a fee of no more than 200 pounds, and free of charge for those who cannot afford it

Those who are unable are those who fall under the heading Solidarity and dignity

The citizen is not included in the category of those unable to pay the fees, and he must write a report to exempt him

Ministry of Health hospitals will help those unable to register their data

Dialysis patients will be registered automatically through the ministry’s database

Chronic patients must attach medical reports to this upon registration

Citizens over the age of 40 are entitled to register to receive the vaccine

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The enabling system determines the priority for getting the vaccine


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