Summit1g claims that the Valorant category on Twitch is the most “false”

Streaming veteran Jaryd “Summit1g“Lazar strongly criticized the Valorant category on Twitch which he considers to be the” most bogus “category of the platform while the quest for access to beta continues to rage.

While the closed beta of Valorant has started for almost a month, thousands of future players continue to try everything to get the precious sesame.

To gain access, you must have watched a stream on Valorant for more than 2 hours, a system that some streamers like Summit1g, consider harmful.

Riot Games

During his live on April 24, while he had ventured on Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves, Summit1g got angry at the state of the Valorant category on Twitch.

He suggested that some streamers were manipulating viewers regarding beta access drops.

“This is the most bogus section on Twitch!“exclaimed the streamer while the section counted 276,000 simultaneous viewers. “This is absolutely the most bogus section on Twitch right now, am I wrong? Put * in am I wrong? Look at that number. Is it real? Not at all! Not even a tiny bit little! “

“Do you know what these numbers do?“he continued. “They are helping to exhaust me a little faster … I don’t want to be in this category. Look at this cat. Just look at this section. How many drops 24/7, how many 24/7 can you see .. . put * in how many 24/7 are in this category ?! It is disgusting. “

He then continued his criticism by attacking the streamers who pretend to be live: “Put * in you should all be ashamed. You are not Twitch streamers, you are not even youtubers … There is no work, put * in you launch your VOD as soon as you disconnect (…) Valorant looks like a big video game shit on Twitch right now.

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If some find this access system revolutionary, others consider that it distorts streaming.

Riot has said in the past that they are taking action to combat the individuals who manipulate the system, but some do not find this sufficient.


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