Summer without extreme heat: is climate change taking a break?

Lots of rain in February, then no heat for weeks: In terms of weather, 2020 does not seem to be an extreme year in Lower Franconia. Climate researcher Heiko Paeth warns against jumping to conclusions.

Climate researcher Professor Heiko Paeth from the University of Würzburg says: “Lower Franconia is a hotspot in climate change.” Photo: Daniel Peter

Scarce drinking water, scorching inner cities and up to 52 hot days a year could become normal in Lower Franconia by the year 2100. At least if climate change continues unchecked as it has before. Climate researcher Heiko Paeth from the University of Würzburg is convinced of this. The geography professor speaks of a hot day when the mean value of day and night temperatures exceeds 25 degrees. Often these are even hot days with temperatures above 30 degrees and subsequent tropical nights. How does the seemingly normal, not very hot summer 2020 fit into the picture?

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