Summer: What foods to choose to maintain a healthy diet?

New Year’s Eve parties arrive, characterized by celebrations with family and friends, around a table full of succulent dishes and drinks, exposing us, as a consequence, to a weight gain not wanted.

After these dates, People are included in very restrictive meal plans or miracle diets during the summer time, which promise a rapid loss of body weight but do not provide the nutrients that the body needs for proper functioning, putting your health at risk.

If what is desired is to maintain a healthy body weight, it should be considered a balanced and healthy diet to protect our body from damage caused by the sun and also to avoid diseases related to improper storage and handling of food at high temperatures. The healthy and balanced diet is based on the combination of all food groups in the correct portions, which ensures the nutrients that our body requires.

Further, To ensure the quality of our food, in terms of nutrient content, we must select foods that contain a higher content of vitamins and minerals, which are responsible for strengthening the body’s natural defenses. In summer we must focus on eating foods rich in:

1. Beta carotene, responsible for the orange-yellow coloring of some fruits and vegetables, is responsible for maintaining healthy skin avoiding damage from solar radiation. We find it in: foods such as mango, carrot, melon and papaya.

2. Vitamin C and vitamin EBecause of their powerful antioxidant action, they protect our body against diseases. These foods fresh, such as kiwi, strawberries, peppers, orange, lemon, tomato and camu – camu should be consumed preferably, which provide a good amount of vitamin C and spinach, chard and nuts (almonds, nuts, etc.) provide vitamin E.

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Such foods, We can include it in our daily diet as a healthy snack and quick to prepare. Vegetables are cut like sticks and served with Humus, which is a cream of cooked chickpeas, garlic, lemon, olive oil, cumin, salt and pepper.

3. Further, It is advisable to take advantage of this time of year to include in our summer preparations, blue fish, rich in fatty acids Omega 3, healthy fat that protects our cardiovascular health and is found in greater quantity in bonito, mackerel, horse mackerel and tuna,

Four. We must not forget that, to protect the organism during high temperatures, we must stay hydrated, consuming at least 8 glasses of water a day. The consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon and melon, with a high water content, not only helps to keep our body well hydrated but also to provide us with a greater satiety, thus avoiding eating at heart or higher quantity.

If these healthy eating tips are added to the realization of a physical activity of at least 30 minutes daily, which in summer can be used to be practiced in family, will achieve a healthier life.

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