Summer weather in mid-October in Saxony-Anhalt

An offshoot of the upper “Wim”, which in the meantime has moved to Eastern Europe, promotes the start of the week in one fell swoop flow from south to southwest subtropical air masses over much of Germany. In a strip between Brandenburg and Breisgau, Saxony-Anhalt is also completely affected. However, according to Weise, peak values ​​of up to 26 degrees in mid-October are “at the upper limit of what’s possible.” The tentative peak of golden October is also expected to be reached on Monday, as a low Atlantic brings rain clouds and cools.

According to data from the German Meteorological Service, the all-time high of October 17 in Saxony-Anhalt was 25.9 degrees, reached in Bernburg in 2017. According to the MDR meteorological study, there were already summer days in mid-October. In 2018, on 12 October, it reached 26.5 degrees in Lutherstadt Wittenberg and 27.4 degrees in Magdeburg. An even higher autumn value was determined on 13 October 2018 in Pabstorf with 28.4 degrees. A few years earlier, in 2015, snow had already fallen in Saxony-Anhalt in mid-October.

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