Summer Sound announces the first artists of next year’s festival / Diena

One of the musicians on the main stage will be German electronic music producer and DJ Alle Farben, who stands out with modern and current remixes of classic tunes.

NŌEP, one of the most important Estonian musicians and producers of the moment, whose subtle sense of blending elements of indie music with electronic music beats has gained recognition far beyond the borders of his country, gathering numerous fans in Latvia as well.

The hip-hop section of the festival will be honored by both the Latvian veteran of this genre, Ozols, and the national rap supergroup Singaporean Satin, as well as newcomer Zeļgis and Rolands Che, endowed with a special energy.

Par Favorable type no one doubts its charm and its ability to move a large crowd of listeners. The ensemble is able to evoke a similar mood with its playful energy First course.

This year the festival Summer sound has garnered the largest number of visitors so far, making it the largest beach festival in the Baltic states. Over 40,000 adventure and music lovers visited the festival on both days. On the four stages of the festival, you could see more than 50 musical performances by national and international stars, including John Newman and Riton, the Roop, Ukrainian Go_A, Musiqq, Gacho, ansis, He jumped, Dagamba, Astro’n’out, Singapore Satin, Left Bank, The Milkman’s Adventures, Ralph Eiland, Edavardi and many others. In addition to musical activities, visitors had the opportunity to see Liepāja from the Ferris wheel, try their luck in a volleyball tournament and many other activities, including sound effects, well before the festival.

It is planned to keep it also in the next year Summer sound the festival’s distinctive sense of adventure, offering a diverse music program and additional activities.

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Festival Summer sound it was held for the first time in 2011 and has since become the largest festival in Latvia and is one of the most important outdoor summer events in the Baltic countries, offering a rich program of music and entertainment. During the existence of the festival, most of the domestic artists performed there, including Brainstorm, I go, Linga, GACHO, The Sound Poets, Bermuda Triangle, Innocent Marple and many more, and many world-famous musicians and stars to name a few Pet shop kidsMika, Calvin HarrisTroll Mummy, Gogol Bordelo.

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