Summer Returns with 30℃ Temperature in Hangzhou: Autumn Delayed

30℃ comes back!Hangzhou stepped into autumn with one foot and was pulled back to summer

Hangzhou Net Release time: 2023-09-25 07:31

At the beginning of this week, Zhejiang will have mostly cloudy and good weather, with sunshine on the horizon, but there will be scattered showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon. The temperature will rise, and the feeling of summer is coming back. Among them, it will be cloudy in Hangzhou today, with fog in some urban areas in the morning. The highest temperature during the day is 30°C, the lowest temperature in the morning is 22°C, and the northeasterly wind is level 2-3.

Yesterday morning, the weather in northern Zhejiang was still gloomy and the coolness was particularly strong. At 7 a.m., the temperature in Hangzhou, Anji and other places was less than 20℃.

During the autumnal equinox, although the power of the subtropical high is not as strong as that of midsummer, it is still exerting its power quietly. Yesterday, as the Vice-President took back “control”, the province began its journey to recover. The temperature in Linhai was 34.0℃ at 14:00 yesterday, 8.6℃ higher than the 25.4℃ at the same time the day before yesterday. The highest temperatures in two places in our province were higher than the 35°C high temperature line: Yongjia 35.5°C and Longquan 35.0°C. Starting today, the temperature in northern Zhejiang will gradually get out of the sluggish state and assume a “late summer” state. Fortunately, it will be cooler in the morning and evening.

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Hangzhou seemed to have entered autumn mode starting from the 21st, with the lowest temperature falling below 20℃ for three consecutive days, 19.8℃ on the 22nd, 19.2℃ on the 23rd, and 19.6℃ on the 24th. The average temperatures were 22.6℃ on the 21st, 20.5℃ on the 22nd, and 20.1℃ on the 23rd. The highest temperature in Hangzhou the day before yesterday was only 21℃, which is completely consistent with the characteristics of autumn rain and cold. Is it autumn? The Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory said that Hangzhou has not met the meteorological standards for autumn, so it is still summer in Hangzhou. The average temperature has been below 22°C for two consecutive days, and it does feel like autumn.

The subtropical high pressure will strengthen again today. Before the end of September, the high altitude will be controlled by the subtropical high pressure. A small amount of water vapor will be transported to the sky above Hangzhou at low altitude. It will be mainly cloudy, with more clouds from morning to morning. After noon, the sun will be good, and the maximum temperature will rise to Around 30℃.

It was originally predicted that there would be obvious cold air moving southward on the 28th, but because the intensity of the subtropical high pressure exceeded expectations, and there were tropical cloud activities in the South China Sea and the northwest Pacific, the intensity of the cold air moving southward was greatly weakened, mainly affecting the area north of the Yangtze River and Huaihe River, and Hangzhou only experienced a few days. During the brief showers, the temperature only dropped slightly, and the maximum temperature was still around 28°C.

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2023-09-24 23:31:00
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