Summer 2023 Leisure Offer for Children in Lille: Explore, Learn and Have Fun!

Because not all children go on vacation and because leisure time is conducive to discovery, learning and fulfilment, the City of Lille has long had a policy of access to leisure and vacation.

Discover the summer 2023 offer for leisure reception.

Leisure centers in Lille

Nursery and elementary schools

Target : 3-6 years and 6-12 years

The leisure facilities will offer children the opportunity to experience rich and varied activities and outings through different themes. They will take advantage of the city’s facilities such as the “Lille Aventure Nature” village, the swimming pools, cultural sites as well as parks and nature sites, and will be able to go out outside Lille. The entertainment programs will offer, in particular, major games, sporting, artistic and cultural activities, scientific experiment workshops through an eco-citizen approach. Enriching and fulfilling holidays for the pleasure of children.

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“At English time” and “I play so I am”

Target : 6-12 ans

During the month of July, the city will offer children the possibility of spending a week on English time. All of the activities offered to children will take place in connection with English culture. Cultural workshops, artistic events, sports activities… will be conducted in English by facilitators specially recruited for their language skills.

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Nature / Nature in play

Target : 6-12 ans
Lieu : Jouhaux elementary school

During the month of July, the Nature leisure center will offer children a wide range of nature activities. The entertainment program will include a partnership with the Zoo de Lille and urban farms.

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Target : 6-12 ans
Lieu : The Flow

During the month of July, the cultural leisure reception will offer children a rich range of artistic activities. The entertainment program will offer dance and breakdance initiation workshops (Olympic sport at the 2024 Olympic Games), comics, music and recording studio. A partnership will be implemented with the artists in residence, the reading plan and the heritage plan

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Target : 6-12 ans

Places :

The sports centers will welcome children to learn, discover and improve in different sports practices.

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Phalempin nature base “Stays”

Target : 6-12 ans
Lieu : Phalempin forest estate

The forest school offers 5-day stays in the heart of the estate. On the program, children will be able to discover biodiversity through activities and be encouraged to protect it, meet the animals at the leisure base, sleep in tepees and many other adventures in the heart of nature.

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Registration details

Deadline for registrations: June 28.

For Leisure Centers without summer accommodation

  • Leisure reception places without accommodation are indicated on the registration area
  • For families who do not have access to the Family Portal or who encounter registration difficulties, a counter at the Town Hall is open (counters 13 and 14, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.)

Please note that the child’s DFU (single family file) must be up to date AND he must be registered in a school for his registration to be taken into account.

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For Sports ALSH and stays in Phalempin

For information on registration

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