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Yesterday we brought you our review to the console exclusivity Deathloop from the developers from Arkane Studios, in which the game took home a beautiful 9/10.

Today, we traditionally bring you a summary of reviews from foreign journalists.


Deathloop is a unique and familiar game that equally overturns time, gameplay and the player’s expectations. It is a mystery worth solving and an experience worth experiencing. There is simply nothing like this on this planet.

100 %


Deathloop combines fun investigation and a great combat system with unique time loop mechanics to create an extremely satisfying adventure.

100 %


As a single-player game, Deathloop looks coherent and incredibly complex, and the additional option of optional multiplayer action is the wonderful icing on the cake. Deathloop is basically everything I wanted it to be. The game confidently builds on the already known mechanics from Dishonored and at the same time brings my own idea and visual style, which I fell in love with. It’s one of my favorite games this year – and a game we’ll definitely be talking about for months to come.

100 %


Deathloop is a nimble and inventive game with an excellent sense of style and humor. He processes the powerful mechanics from Arkane into the form of something explicitly playful, and then he just lets the player rampage on a huge connected jigsaw puzzle of the island. One of the smartest and most fun games this year.

100 %

God is a Geek

Deathloop is a wonderfully unstructured FPS full of lots of weapons and abilities that will never get bored.

95 %


Deathloop is one of the most complex and elegant video game designs. Through the novelty, Arkane Studios present their own gameplay in a new, impressive and immersive simulation title.


Deathloop still retains the characteristics of Arkane games in terms of exemplary, eye-catching design, reminiscent of BioShock and Dishonored, but it also conjures a huge smile on your face many times thanks to the news.

90 %

Game Rant

Deathloop is one of the best games of 2021 and so far one of the best exclusives for the PS5 console. Arkana developers have hit the black line again, and PS5 is gaining another mandatory title in its growing library of exclusive games. Deathloop may be too simple and the time loop is definitely associated with a certain length, but most of the time players will have so much fun that its few shortcomings are easily overlooked.

90 %

Cultured Vultures

Deathloop is an amazingly fun ride with stealth and puzzle elements that make the game look like a great crazy sci-fi adventure.

90 %


Deathloop is based on the basics of Dishonored games and uses many of their design elements. It should be considered a smaller project, but very brilliant, with very good ideas and an interesting game concept.

82 %


It’s not a complete loser, but although the action is very entertaining, this time-loop adventure wastes most of its premise on unsatisfactorily straightforward goals and a strangely tame depiction of uncontrolled hedonism.

70 %

Digital Trends

Deathloop is an extremely stylish stealth event that builds on the strengths of Arkane games, even if some of her creative attempts fail.

70 %

Gamers Heroes

Deathloop is in a slightly strange position. It’s not as good as Dishonored, but I also don’t expect to see another game in the series. If you want to support a studio or you really need a replacement for Dishonored, this will help you… but honestly, the game is not so much fun.

60 %

You can buy the game in versions for all available platforms in the store Xzone.


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