Suicide’s brother, the future tormented him – Last Hour


(ANSA) – FLORENCE, AUGUST 24 – “The problem was not paying off debts because when one makes an investment and tries to expand the company and get better, this is not the problem. The problem is the uncertainty of the future: not they gave certainty, there was talk of a new closure, a new lockdown, that’s what made the person fragile, my brother fragile “. This is how Marco Vanni talks about the suicide of his brother Luca, the restaurateur who committed suicide in Florence. “The company was very healthy, a month and a half before the lockdown my brother bought the fund with a corporate lease – he said -. But then the problem was the uncertainty of the future, the company has been there since 1987, for 40 years we were used to paying everyone, paying debts, being regular, but if they then tell you ‘close, take a loan and get by yourself’, well this thing has tormented, made fragile a person who does not she is used to getting into debt “. (HANDLE).


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