suicide, depression, self-harm, it rocks everything!


Paris Jackson has really changed since the death of his father almost 10 years ago. She is now a young woman whom you can follow on social networks like Instagram.

Some French people have even been able to discover her in France while she was walking and playing the guitar. She seems fairly accessible, but she has gone through many difficulties. As a result, Michael Jackson’s daughter sometimes fueled la presse people with some pretty sad news.

The first confessions of Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson’s daughter has been fairly mysterious since the death of her father. The latter is still targeted by rumors such as the existence of a secret room for children in his park. Others believe that he sexually abused adolescents. It was undoubtedly complex for this young woman to find herself in the heart of this atmosphere. However, she decided to lift the veil a little on her daily life by making some confidences.

  • A series was unveiled on Facebook, which allows you to discover the daily life of Gabriel Glenn and Paris Jackson.
  • After experiences with women, she is now in a relationship with a man.
  • She reveals her addiction to weight; she went through a very complex period when her father died 11 years ago.
  • When her cousin told her that she was fat, she decided to start a radical change, because food had become a real obsession.
  • So she wanted to self-harm and it would cut or burn itself.

Paris Jackson used a razor at the time, she didn’t think it could kill her, because she always mastered this little accessory. In this report, she reveals that she finally knew if she was going too deep into her flesh. In particular, she was able to confide in this quest for dopamine. She therefore opted for self-harm, tattoos, but also the need for control. It was a way for the young woman to put aside her emotional suffering and to rely solely on the physical.

Paris Jackson made several suicide attempts

She was therefore sucked into a vicious circle and several suicide attempts were identified. She decided to confide without a net in this small series that you can find on the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. In view of her experience, she now tries to help others, it is also for this reason that she decided to speak to speak out loud about everything that may have littered her path. It should not be forgotten that the young woman is still confined while France has been delivered for many weeks. As a result, she can take time for herself, talk and maybe treat her pains.

Indeed, the United States has been hit hard by the coronavirus and the contamination seems to have accelerated in recent days. Paris Jackson to fight against boredom would even have decided to tattoo herself. You may have seen this pretty incredible photo in which she is holding a pistol dedicated to tattoo artists. It is certainly recommended not to do so unless you are a professional. The latter will tell you, however, that it is always much more pleasant to have someone else’s work, because this area is often linked to art. Therefore, a tattoo is like a painting, it is there to sublimate your body.

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