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MONTPELLIER, KOMPAS.comSuez Canal The traffic jam for nearly a week cost the world hundreds of trillions of rupiah, and to prevent it from happening again an expert made a proposal.

Professor Jean-Marie Miossec, an expert on maritime transportation at the Paul-Valery University in France, Montpellier, suggested The Suez Canal is closed and opened according to the size of the ship.

“It would be wise to only allow small and medium sized vessels at night,” he was quoted as saying AFP.

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He continued, at noon the Suez Canal was passed by large ships.

Meanwhile, the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) said it would not expand the canal.

SCA head Osama Rabie told reporters the costs would be significantly high.

Egypt has spent more than US $ 8 billion (IDR 116 trillion) to expand the segment and create a second line on one stretch in 2014-2015.

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Kapal Ever Given or Evergreen ship according to the name of the operator from Taiwan, Evergreen Marine Corp., made The Suez Canal is blockaded trapped transversely due to sandstorms.

The operation to free the 200,000 ton ship requires more than 10 tugs and dredgers.

“Between 180-200 people work tirelessly 24 hours a day,” an SCA officer told AFP without mentioning names.

Ahmed Abbas, an SCA employee, shared the release video kapal Ever Given of Facebook.

“Praise God, the ship is finally out! Very good SCA friends!” he said.

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“The determining factor is that we dig deeper under the bow of the ship and widen it to form a puddle below it at a depth of about 12 meters,” said Abbas.

Meanwhile on the other side, the rescue team dug up to 18 meters.

Result The Suez Canal jammed, many shipping companies wait or reroute ships to the southern tip of Africa.

The detour adds 9,000 kilometers to more than a week for travel between Asia and Europe.

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