Suez Canal is considering widening after mega container ship stranded | NOW

The Suez Canal authorities are looking to widen the southern part of the waterway. Two weeks ago, a huge container ship ran aground in that part, causing a major traffic jam on the important shipping route.

The chairman of the Suez Canal Authority says that the purchase of large cranes to unload containers is also being considered. The container ship the Ever Given lay right across the Egyptian waterway and was pulled loose by salvage companies more than a week ago.

The queue of ships at the Suez Canal has now been completely resolved.

In 2014, the Dutch dredger and maritime service provider Boskalis, together with other dredging companies, was awarded a contract worth 1.5 billion dollars (approximately 1.27 billion euros) for the widening and deepening of parts of the Suez Canal.

Traffic in Suez Canal also slowed by tanker with engine failure

It also involved the construction of a new 50-kilometer waterway along the existing shipping route so that ships can pass each other at the same time. This work was completed in 2015. Boskalis subsidiary SMIT Salvage was involved in the recovery of the Ever Given.

By the way, traffic in the Suez Canal was somewhat delayed on Tuesday after an oil tanker had to contend with engine problems. Tugboats had to come to the rescue of the tanker Rumford. The engine problems are now over and the ship is sailing again. Shipping traffic in the Suez Canal has returned to normal.


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