Suddenly Luhut Pandjaitan dismantles the Minister who initiated the Omnibus La

Suddenly Luhut Pandjaitan dismantles the Minister of Omnibus Law (Photo: Instagram / luhut pandjaitan) – The wave of Demonstrations due to the rejection of the Law Enforcement Law (UU) Create Work continues to grow.

Various observers and national figures also participated in dissecting the weaknesses of the Jokowi Government and DPR’s decision to pass the Omnibus Law on the Job Creation Law.

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According to academic, Rocky Gerung, who is a former lecturer at the University of Indonesia, said that the public anger that spilled on the streets, according to him, was the result of the accumulation of public emotions towards his representatives in the DPR who could not be held since some time ago.

“This means that the clump of public anger energy is channeled eventually through the Omnibus Law, so the Omnibus Law is just a tool. So this is just an accumulation, so it’s not just a matter of labor, labor is the momentum,” he explained on his YouTube channel (8/10).

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Rocky Gerung also revealed that something was wrong in the process.

“So this is a package that can never be calculated by the authorities who only want to see the technical matters of the Act, even though this is not a technical one but an ethical one,” said Rocky Gerung.


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