Sudden Lights releases song “Electric Light”

One of the most promising Latvian groups – “Sudden Lights” – releases the song “Electric Light”. This is the first single from the band’s third studio album, which is expected next year.

The song “Electric Light” includes a desire to continue the feeling of a day that does not end.

“When the darkest time of the year came, we wanted to give the listeners a little lightness and lightness. That is why the aesthetics of the chosen video clip is exactly like this – from black and white it gradually becomes colorful, symbolically reflecting the light on, ”says the group’s soloist Andrejs Reinis Zitmanis.

Drummer Mārtiņš Matīss Zemītis explains: “Our concert life has been unusually peaceful this year, so we have accumulated a reserve of energy, which we have put in this song.”

Sudden Lights’ self-written music is dominated by pop rock stylistics, complemented by a slightly alternative mood. Sticky, easily danceable melodies, sometimes with a spiritually melancholic note, as well as the zeal of youth characterize the sound of the group. The band has released two albums and several successful singles so far, which have reached the top of the radio station charts.

The next concert of the group “Sudden Lights” will take place on December 5 on the Hanseatic platform. This will be the end of the “It’s best where I’m not” tour, which was originally planned for the spring, but was postponed due to restrictions on gatherings. All purchased tickets are also valid for the concert on December 5. Tickets available


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