Such cell phones have not existed for a long time

A big bang on the mobile communications market: an old cult brand has announced its return. The comeback should already take place next year. The cell phones have a special feature that is almost extinct today.

Before Apple reinvented the smartphone with the original iPhone, another manufacturer was a leader in this market: BlackBerry. Despite several attempts, the Canadian company failed to keep up with the new competition and finally disappeared from the scene. But now a revival of the cult brand has been announced.

BlackBerry announces a comeback: a new cell phone with a keyboard is coming next year

The startup OnwardMobility, which secured the BlackBerry trademark rights, is behind the resurrection PCMag UK. According to its own statements, the company wants to offer smartphones under the BlackBerry brand again from 2021, which are to be launched in the USA and Europe. “We see a need for a 5G-capable BlackBerry smartphone with an Android operating system and hardware keyboard,” said OnwardMobility CEO Peter Franklin.

The new smartphone will also be a “flagship device”, promises Franklin. The startup is in sharp contrast to the previous licensee TCL, who offered mid-range smartphones under the BlackBerry brand.

Everyone should know these keyboard tips:

Price and launch date still unclear

In the first half of 2021, the BlackBerry smartphone is expected to hit the market. There is not yet a specific launch date. How much the cell phone will cost has not yet been determined either. However, the manufacturer promises a “competitive price”, which means that there is hope that the new BlackBerry will not be quite as expensive as current top cell phones from Apple, Samsung and Co. Whether the comeback will be successful depends on the price as well depend on the quality of the keyboard. At least in this respect, the smartphone offers a unique selling point, because no major cell phone manufacturer has more devices with hardware keyboards on offer.

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