Successors Forum MPs Hiddema and Cliteur will be announced soon | NOW

The successors to the resigned Forum for Democracy parliamentarians Theo Hiddema and Paul Cliteur will be announced within weeks. The Electoral Council must have appointed someone within two weeks after an official dismissal notification has been received, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

These reports usually arrive quickly, after which the fourteen-day period starts.

Subsequently, on the basis of the electoral lists, it is determined who will occupy the vacant seats. This could result in a musical chair in the party, possibly leaving seats empty or transferring to the party of Henk Otten, the rival of Thierry Baudet, who split off from Forum for Democracy in the Senate.

Incidentally, Otten also claims the seat of Hiddema, something about which he says he still has thinks. A person may only be a member of one Chamber.

If Otten does not choose to take Hiddema’s Lower House seat, the ball will first lie with Senator Paul Frentrop and then with European Parliamentarian Rob Rooken. The next FVD member who qualifies for Hiddema’s seat and does not yet have an elected position within the party is Susan Stolze-van Rijn.

Succession of Cliteur in Senate

Rooken and his colleague in the European Parliament Rob Roos can also succeed Cliteur in the Senate. The possibilities to subsequently occupy their vacant seats in the European Parliament are limited mainly to FVD members who already have a position or who have since come into disagreement with the party.

Other possible replacements for Cliteur are Robert Baljeu, who was rejected as a member of the FVD parliament and now works as a fraction employee for Otten, and Sytze van Odijk, currently a two-member councilor in the Amsterdam city council. It is not yet known whether Van Odijk wants to enter the Senate. If no one is available for a seat, it will remain empty.

Those appointed by the Electoral Council have a further 28 days ‘reflection period’. If the person wants to refrain from this, the official admission to the House of Representatives can take place earlier.


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