Successful pregnancy with artificial insemination, a celebrity who is so happy and lucky (+photo)

A entertainer shed tears of joy after a difficult pregnancy.

Following Hwang Shin Young’s Instagram

The main character is Hwang Shin-young, a 31-year-old comedian. On the 20th, he shared the news of pregnancy through his Instagram.

Hwang Shin-young said, “I finally got pregnant. I got two lines of pregnancy test.” He confessed, “Actually, I tried and waited for a natural pregnancy for 3 years, and then I finally inseminated it.

In the text, the hardships of the heart are revealed. Hwang Shin-young said, “I was half abandoned after waiting for three years, but I made artificial insemination by recommending Bebenim (nickname for Hwang Shin-young YouTube channel subscriber) and acquaintances around me.”

Hwang Shin-young said, “If you do imtegi (pregnancy test) for 3 years, only one line of sweet pumpkin comes out, and finally! Finally!!! From the 11th artificial insemination, two lines appear lighter and more and more thicker. “I have to go to the hospital to check the language because two lines that have never been seen come out one after another.”

He also released several photos of the processes he was trying to conceive. Among them, there is a picture of Hwang Shin-young crying for joy after confirming her pregnancy.

Hwang Shin-young was a graduate of the Korean National University of Arts, Dance Academy, and debuted in the entertainment industry as a comedian for KBS 27th. He married a five-year-old advertising industry worker in 2017.



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