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Wednesday July 28, 2021

With matches only for the female branch and in the format of Grand Prize, that is, it begins and ends the same weekend, last Saturday and Sunday at the facilities of the Giants Sports Club The 2021 Volleyball League of that town was launched, with the participation of teams from Villa la Angostura, Bariloche, San Martín de los Andes and the hosts.

Scheduled on different weekends, several tournaments will be played in the remainder of the year in First division, each tournament will have its winner and its podium, and at the end of the year the idea is to make a final among all those who won, to meet the champion of champions 2021. On this initial date the first place went to Ayekan Bariloche, the second place for Giants A by Dina Huapi and completed the podium The top of San Martín de los Andes.

As told Lorena Dubois, President of the organizing entity, the first event was a success, with beautiful matches and good repercussions, since it received several calls from different teams that want to join in the next Grand Prix. and with a lot of new people. Everything turned out beautiful, the protocol too, everyone was very attentive following the protocols, ”he said.

And he added, “The coaches and players expressed great joy, they felt welcome, they told us that it was like a small Gigantes Cup, that they felt the same energy” in relation to the high-level tournament organized by the Gigantes club and in which teams participate. from different places in the region and the country.

In the continuity of the League, they are already planning the next date which will be August 7 and 8, on that occasion, only for the male branch “We are with all the batteries put there, so that it comes out beautiful, as this one came out. Several teams from outside called us to start joining, so we hope that every time we will be more and we will look for the return to make room for everyone ”, he concluded.


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