“Successful 7th Sunday Festival attracts 45,000 visitors despite tear gas incident”

The organization of 7th Sunday Festival looks back on a ‘fantastic weekend’. 45,000 visitors attended performances by DJ duo Rebellion, Nicky Romero, MAAN and Kraantje Pappie, among others. Apart from a single incident, the day went smoothly. Tear gas was thrown into the audience during one of the performances.

Visitors reported on Sunday evening that people ran out of the tent with their hands over their mouths during the Sub Zero Project performance. A tear gas bomb was thrown into the audience.

According to spokesperson Geertje van Zoggel, this is unfortunately more common at major festivals. “Criminals use tear gas to sow panic among the public. While visitors are busy with their watery eyes or breathing problems, they make their move by emptying bags or pockets.”

“It’s like a brawl.”

Van Zoggel says that the incident was short-lived and did not have a major impact on the atmosphere of the day. “It’s like a fight: people run away from it, there is a moment of panic, but within a minute the gas leaves the tent and you can party again.”

People who suffered from watery eyes were taken care of outside the tent. “The sore eyes often disappear after half an hour. We hope that they have been able to enjoy the music and the beautiful weather again.”

“If we see something going wrong somewhere, we can intervene quickly.”

2023-05-29 12:14:57
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