Success for rental car drivers: “Business damaging regulations amended”

Goal achieved: After the rental car drivers managed to change some points of the newly introduced provincial regulations, the administrative court of Bolzano has now also decided on their appeal. “Even if not all of the points complained about were recognized by the court, the rental car drivers see their actions as confirmed,” say Myriam Atz Tammerle, member of the state parliament of South Tyrolean Freedom, and ANITraV lawyer Dr. Vannicelli.

“The time-consuming filling out of an extensive paper trip form has already been suspended thanks to vigorous interventions by rental car drivers and Myriam Atz Tammerle, member of the state parliament at the state government. The introduction of a journey form in digital form will only be introduced in three years, and not within one year as originally.

“The appeal also provided for the deletion of the passage stating that you have to go back to your own garage after every business trip. As early as March 2020, the Constitutional Court in Rome decided that this provision must be deleted from the state law. It was only when the South Tyrolean rental car drivers confirmed the effective handling of the appeal in the administrative court of Bozen in June 2020 that the state government reacted and quickly adapted the state regulations. A clear success for the rental car drivers ”, so the Süd-Tiroler Freiheit in a press release.

One point, namely the ban on using the name “taxi” as a company name, was not classified as illegal by the court, as the province could decide this independently. The state government decided that rental car companies should no longer be called “taxis”. For Vannicelli incomprehensible, especially since the country would have enough leeway in this area to design provisions in such a way as to take a step towards the rental car drivers and thus make their work easier.

Those who brought the appeal are pleased: “This success was only possible through our solidarity. If we hadn’t introduced this appeal, nothing at all would have changed in the original state law that was ‘damaging to business’. Because not even the local association has stood up for us in this regard, ”reports the member of the state parliament, who points out that all car rental companies in South Tyrol now benefit from these legislative amendments.



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