Substitutions: second round of calls, nominations from school rankings, including MAD

After the flop of the entries in the role from GM2016, GM2018 and GAE carried out with an electronic procedure which saw a total of 18,154 hires out of a total of 84,808 planned and announced by the Ministry of Education and authorized by the MEF, now the problem of substitutes from GPS is added (= Provincial Rankings for Substitutes).

The decision to make the GPS immediately definitive without going through the transitory phase of the provisional GPS which allowed the correction of anomalies by means of the “complaints” procedure by the directly concerned generated management problems for all the operators involved. In fact, as is known, once the rankings – however named – are final, the only method of correction is the jurisdictional method to the TAR and, subsequently to the Council of State, with all the consequences deriving from this.

One of these is, of course, that of the problem of assigning substitutes, which have been obligatorily delayed on schedule, also for lack of answers to questions from applicants from the FSO (by way of example only).

The extreme case is the one reported by the Governor of Emilia-Romagna where for 15,000 alternate positions and 108,000 candidates there were 90,000 “waivers”

In some regions, then, the postponement of the official start of the school year was approved, which resulted in the delay in appointments by the territorial FSOs for at least part of the institutions.

All this has generated problems in the organization of schools by managers who have been forced, in spite of themselves, to organize lesson times reduced to three or four hours a day due to a strong lack of teachers (even 30% – 40 %) from the beginning of the lessons.

Many FSOs are proceeding in these days to a second round of calls for applicants in second-tier GPS in the presence, at least in some cases, as the candidates in first-tier GPS and many of those in second called in the first “round” do not they accepted the hiring proposal for the most diverse reasons, not least the virus problem and the distance from home that requires additional sacrifices that not everyone can afford.

There are both support teachers and subject teachers, and at this point of the year their absence begins to weigh both from the organizational side and from that of student learning.

In some disciplines, then, the aspirants in second-tier GPS are not very many and, therefore, if the majority were to give up substituting the schools will find themselves having to convene the aspirants from the Institute rankings or from MAD using the “traditional” procedures.

This, however, can only be done around 20 October, after an abundant month from the beginning of the school year, and, with the time allowed by law for the assignment of these substitutes, probably, if the schools will have all the teachers needed towards the end of October or the first half of November.

The situation that arose was certainly not the desired and desirable one, but so be it. Cicero said: “Historia magistra vitae” (= History is the teacher of life), we hope that this turbulent experience will serve to improve in view of the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year.

As the philosopher Karl Popper said “All life is solving problems” and “The irrational man is only interested in being right. The rational man is interested in learning ”.


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