Subsidy for new electric cars for private individuals empty after week


Eight days after private individuals have been able to start applying for a subsidy for new electric cars, the pot is already empty. Ten million euros was available. Individuals receive a subsidy of 4,000 euros for a new car with a plug.

The applications that are currently still with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) will be postponed to next year. The annual budgets for 2021 to 2025 will be announced later.

A further 7.2 million euros is available for used electric cars, of which 1.4 million euros have now been applied for. Motorists receive a subsidy of 2000 euros for their used cars.

The subsidies apply to both purchase and private lease.

Good first day

On the first day 44 percent of the budget for new cars was already requested. State Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management, Van Veldhoven, then spoke of a “good first day”.

The subsidy is intended to make electric cars more affordable for private individuals. In recent years, it was mainly business drivers who, partly due to the low tax liability, opted for a car with a plug.

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