Subject climbs onto the roof of a Carabineros radio patrol and then gets into a moving private car

An unusual situation was the one that was experienced yesterday afternoon in the center of Santiago, when a subject got on top of a radio patrol, to escape from the police and end up jumping into a vehicle that was circulating in the place.

The video is a viral hit. The protagonist is only 19 years old and according to the background, he had only a Venezuelan identity document with him, and was traveling on a motorcycle without a license and without a driver’s license.

Thus, from one moment to another, and according to what it says Meganoticias, the subject who was driving his motorcycle through Monjitas with José Miguel de la Barra, got out of the vehicle and ran towards the radio patrol to get on the hood.

From the roof of the vehicle he began to shout that they wanted to kill him and that the Carabineros were not helping him. Thus, and as seen in the video, he tried to flee and entered a private vehicle that was circulating through the pilot’s window, after which he was arrested.

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