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Stuttgart gallery owner Thomas Fuchs is looking forward to the Volta in New York Foto: gtf/Silicya Roth

Stuttgart art flags in New York. Galerie Thomas Fuchs is showing works by Patrick Angus and Rainer Fetting, among others, at the Volta Fair.

Before the pandemic, art fairs were the central place of communication and a yardstick for national and international contemporary art. Will the enormous economic importance come back? The Stuttgart gallery owners Thomas Fuchs and Andreas Pucher believe in the comeback – and are taking part in the Volta trade fair in New York from May 18 to 22 with Galerie Thomas Fuchs. With what feelings?

Mr. Fuchs, you are one of five galleries at the Volta art fair in New York. That sounds pretty big. How are you doing before you start?

That’s right, we are one of five galleries from Germany out of a total of 49 galleries at the fair. We are happy to hold up the Stuttgart flag here in New York. We are full of anticipation. It’s our first American trade fair after the last Volta New York in March 2020, during which Corona broke out in New York.

Do you already have an impression of the mood?

We have already received positive signals in advance that indicate a successful trade fair. We’re really excited.

The Volta sees itself as a forum for younger galleries. How long has one been considered a “younger gallery”?

It’s not just young galleries that are here. This year, for the first time, Volta New York will take place parallel to Frieze New York. We consider Volta New York and also Volta Basel in June to be suitable for us as a “medium-sized gallery”. We actually feel quite young. We’ll be ten years old in September – and we’re “celebrating” this with a solo exhibition of works by Rainer Fetting.

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And what would the next trade fair league be like then?

That’s actually not our question. What is important for us is that we think very carefully about which trade fairs we want to take part in. And then you have to be approved. Important and exciting for us: In August we will be taking part in the Enter Art Fair Copenhagen for the second time.

First of all New York. What art do you have with you?

At the Volta New York we are showing works by the American Patrick Angus, who died young – many will surely remember the wonderful exhibition in the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart in 2018 – as well as by the German painters Rainer Fetting and Ruprecht von Kaufmann. We are also showing works by the South Korean Yongchul Kim, who lives in Stuttgart.

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