STUNNING! Tangmo Nida’s mother suddenly changed lawyers to handle the child’s case, what’s wrong?

GORONTALO TERRACE — Handling process case Dead artist beautiful Thailand Tangmo Nida suddenly startled den to be viral to society ThailandMother Panida Siriyudthayothin immediately replace lawyer.

Replacement lawyer Kishna that’s of course viral and get questions from the public, Mother Panida Siriyudthayothin live replace lawyer Kishna with lawyer new.

Results for replace lawyer in handing case Dead artist beautiful Tangmo Nida by mother Panida Siriyudthayothin viraland of course immediately thrilled the public Thailand.

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Even mother Panida Siriyudthayothin has stopped every task handled lawyer Kishna and become viralhe forced her to stop and not interfere further in case Dead Tangmo Nida on the grounds of disobedience to him.

Besides, being dismissed lawyer Kishna in handling case Dead Tangmo Nida it’s also because he often gives interviews that go against mother’s opinion Tangmo Nida.

Reported by Teras Gorontalo from Cheryl Antoinette’s YouTube Channel, Monday, March 21, 2022, mother Panida Siriyudthayothin official replace lawyer Kishna with a new one.

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“So mother Panida Siriyudthayothin dismiss Kishna to not interfere in affairs case Dead Tangmo Nida and replace with lawyer the new one,” said Cheryl.

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