Stunned Simona Krainová: She could only cry

She became the face and voice of the project supporting children who, due to financial problems in the family, cannot afford lunches at school and fell apart. The fact that some families are so miserable that they can’t even afford to eat at school and their children are then hungry, Krainovou she was so sad that she couldn’t sleep and could only shed tears.

Simona Krainová: I don’t understand that my sons are from the same litter

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“My husband Karel showed me the project spot, solved work matters and wanted to hear my opinion. I have to admit that it immediately made me cry, I couldn’t even sleep then and I had to think about it. It was very emotional, as a mother of two I perceive these things differently. Much more personally… I will do my best to find out as much as possible about the possibility to sign up for Lunches for Children, and that other people will help me with that, ”said the model about the Lunches for Children project, in which anyone who wants to help children in such a difficult situation.

Simona Krainová: My dog ​​is a bigger star than me. I’m wondering how to trade it!

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