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TVS motorcycles do not have a big resonance in the domestic two-wheel market. But the situation is different for export needs.

Motorcycle competition in Indonesia is predicted to continue to grow. Based on data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), motorcycles in the country recorded an increase in sales of 134.4% with 5,861,447 units in 2021 compared to 2020 which only reached 4,361,008 units.

If you look at AISI’s records, Honda is still the king of Indonesian motorcycles with 3,928,788 units, followed by Yamaha 1,063,866 units, Kawasaki 43,540 units, Suzuki 18,380 units, and TVS which is in fifth position with sales of 2,942 units.

If you look at the existing data, it can be seen that there are quite striking differences experienced by TVS, however, motorcycle manufacturers who are members of AISI must admit, TVS made in Indonesia are quite popular in foreign markets, this can be seen from the export data that AISI has compiled.

It was recorded that in 2021, Indonesian motorcycle manufacturers managed to export 803,931 units of motorcycles, an increase of 13.72% compared to last year’s export performance of 700,392 units. Based on export data, the highest sales respectively were: Honda 392,829, Yamaha: 251,821, Kawasaki: 32,254, Suzuki: 40,122 and TVS: 86,905 units.

BMW Motorrad officially introduces the results of its marriage with TVS. The motorbike, which is called the BMW G 310 R, appeared quite tempting at the 2017 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) Photo: M Luthfi Andika–

It is even more interesting to observe that the youngest member of AISI or non-Japanese, TVS is actually a motorcycle manufacturer produced in the Karawang area, West Java, which ranks 3rd after Honda and Yamaha, which at the same time shifts Suzuki and Kawasaki compared to the previous year.

Deputy GM Marketing of PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia, Rizal Rizkiawan Tandju, gave the answer which ensured for TVS that the Indonesian and foreign markets were important markets for TVS. So it is not true that TVS is more focused on international or export markets.

“Domestic and Export Markets are equally important for TVS,” Rizal said briefly to detikOto.

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