Study .. Woman’s eggs “choose” to attract sperm to some men, but not others!

date of publication:10.06.2020 | 11:30 GMT | the health

Study .. woman's eggs

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Most women want to have their children from their chosen life partner, but a study found that their eggs play a large role in this matter and decide who to use with their signs of fertilization.

The researchers recruited 60 couples who underwent fertilization in the laboratory, to find out their compatibility.

Women’s eggs release chemicals that appear to send signals to sperm, encouraging them to swim and thus create a fetus. But for some women, the chemicals had a better effect on sperm from a man who had not been a partner.

Experts believe that female bodies can somehow “choose” sperm, making sure that they are of high quality and genetically compatible.

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“We were expecting the eggs of a certain woman to attract her partner’s sperm, but we didn’t see that. In fact, in general, the eggs of women attracted Other men’s sperm, like their partner’s sperm. Hopefully, this will advance fertility treatment, and it may help understand unexplained infertility in couples. There may be a treatment to help eggs better attract sperm to the partner. ”

And compared to other animals, humans are not very good at having children. Only 250 individual sperm reach the woman’s fallopian tubes after sex, and only about 25 animals are able to fertilize the egg.

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The study suggests that eggs help by producing chemicals in the surrounding fluid.

The researchers took this fluid from 60 women and sperm samples from their partners. Sperm were given an hour to swim more than 1 inch into the liquid.

It turns out that they are moving in greater numbers towards the chemicals, which are released by women’s eggs more than the laboratory version, which indicates that the eggs may be able to “summon” sperm.

But the researchers also switched semen and egg means between two groups of couples. This showed that women’s eggs often produce chemicals that are better able to attract sperms to strangers than to their partner’s sperm.

The authors, whose research was published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, said that the compatibility of an egg and sperm did not affect the chance of conception by IVF.

Source: Daily Mail

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