Study reveals the most effective vaccine against COVID

Vaccines have been an important advance in the fight against COVID-19 and its many variants. Pfizer and Moderna are some of the doses that have been inoculated In our country.

To verify the effectiveness of vaccines, a study published by the journal ‘The New England Journal of Medicinecompared the dosages of these two companies pharmaceutical companies, in order to check which was the most effective for the prevention of new infections and therefore, which offered greater protection against COVID-19. In this studio records were matched 219,842 people who received the Pfizer dose and others 219,842 who received Moderna based on your medical history.

Besides, also other aspects related to the disease were taken into account in a context where predominant variant was Alpha. On the other hand, a 24-week follow-up period was established. These were the results.

The risk of COVID infection, lower in Moderna

The results of this research revealed that, although the two vaccines are found to be effective against COVID-19, there is a lower risk of infection with Moderna’s vaccine, which is 21%, and 41% lower risk of hospitalization, as published in the report.

However, Pfizer turned out to be more effective, with a very similar result. A 95% effectiveness for Pfizer’s vaccine and 94% effective for Moderna, as reflected by studies published. As explained by one of the authors of this research, Dr. Barbra A. Dickerman, he assured that “either dose is strongly recommended to anyone who is offered a choice between the two “due to their high efficiency.

Six-month estimate of the duration of immunity

Some data that contrast, on the other hand, with other studies published by the pharmaceutical companies themselves which, on the duration of protection of vaccines, confirmed that the antibodies are persistent even six months after dosing, both in the case of Pfizer as in that of Modern.

In our country, 89.4% of the target population has the complete vaccination schedule, while 91.2% of the population has a dose of the vaccine administered, according to the latest data provided by the Ministry of Health.


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